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In order to help you have a clear understanding of our products and services, we have made a list of the most concerned questions our customers may have. Answers are provided accordingly. We sincerely hope this Q&A list could help you a lot.

1. Could your company deliver metal buildings to any place around the world ?
Yes. We could deliver all types of metal buildings to any place around the world. For detailed information about goods delivery, please contact our customer service team.

2. What are you're the metal buildings made of ?
All the metal buildings we provide to customers are made of high-quality commercial steels made in China.

3. What about the mechanical strength of frames of your steel buildings?
Every steel frame building is fastened by bolts and screws. As connections between each two parts are quite secure, there would no slight movement of the frame. Moreover, as we know, the nailed connections of traditional construction will get loose due to shrinkage and warping of the wooden frames. However, the steel frames will not warp, shrink, nor change with time passage and the connections remain secure for all the time. What’s more, since the steel frame is quite fire-retardant, your steel structure building could be much safer and your cost of fire insurance could be reduced to some degree.

4. What about the shipping fee of steel building?
The shipping fee depends on both the weight of your ordered product and the specific location you set. To help you reduce shipping costs, we adopt a packing strategy called share-loading which enables us to load as many steel buildings as possible in a semi-trailer truck.

5. Have the steel buildings got painted?
Yes, the walls and trims are all painted with long-lasting factory-applied paints.

6. Can I choose the paint color for my steel structure building?
Of course you can.

7. Are the buildings thermally insulated?
To satisfy your requirements for thermal insulation, we provide several insulation types ranging from R-values up to R-40 to you. Our technicians will offer you professional advice for the selection, helping you find the best for your steel building.

8. Can I add doors and windows to my steel building?
Yes. Our steel buildings can be customized according to your needs. The accessories of the building such as doors, windows, ceiling lights could be decided by you. Our sales representative will be glad to give you advice and help you with all issues related to this custom service.

9. How long does it take before we receive the ordered products?
As we provide customized steel buildings to our customers, the time we need for designing, manufacturing and delivery various from project to project. Our consultant could offer you an estimated time based on your requirements and related factors.