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    1. Steel Structure BuildingsAs a dedicated designer and manufacturer of steel buildings, we at DONGYE can design and customize the steel structure building for each of our customers. Our steel structure buildings can be customized to incorporate premium doors, windows, ceiling lights
    1. Prefabricated Steel BuildingsThe prefabricated steel building, also called prefab house, is a modern house made of quality light-steel framework and laminboards (for the claddings) and often used as temporary building. As it is pre-engineered and manufactured off-site
    1. Container HouseThis container house DONGYE provides to you is a reliable and economical mobile metal building, also called shipping container home. As its name suggests, this container house is adapted from the standard shipping container that enjoys highly mechanical endurance.
    1. Light Steel Frame BuildingLight steel frame building provided by DONGYE, as its name suggests, is a reliable prefabricated metal building that adopts light steel framing. It is distinguished from other steel structure buildings by its light weight, great mechanical endurance
  • Steel Frame SystemIf you need to construct steel frame houses with great thermal and sound insulation, then structural insulated panels are the best selection of building material to be used with the steel frame system.
    1. EPS Structural Insulated PanelGiven this fact, this EPS structural insulated panel enjoys excellent mechanical strength, impact and fire resistance, thermal insulation and soundproofness.
    1. Rockwool Sandwich PanelThe rockwool sandwich panel DONGYE provides to you is quality building board mainly made of quality greystone. The hot molten greystone could be made into inorfil by the high-speed centrifugal equipment.
    1. Glass Wool Sandwich PanelThe structural insulated panel of this type we provide to you, enjoying several features of composite boards, is quite light-weighted, elastic, sound-proof and fire and heat-resistant.
    1. PU Structural Insulated PanelCompared with the traditional cladding materials, this composite panel is more reliable in terms of fire resistance and thermal insulation. As it is highly resistant to both moisture and fire, this structural insulated panel is also used in the banding of other composite panels.
    1. Steel Structure WarehouseThe steel structure warehouse prefabricated or custom-designed by DONGYE is a most cost-effective warehouse building solution in the market. By reducing time spent in the construction...
    1. Steel Structure GarageThis steel garage is a specially designed steel building for truck storage. As a reliable garage kit, it could perfectly keep your fleet of semi-trucks from harmful rains and snows.
    1. Steel Structure WorkshopAs we know, workshop is an indispensable building for nearly all industries. The traditional workshop, constructed with bricks and cements, requires higher construction cost and longer construction time.
    1. Steel Livestock BuildingsThis pre-engineered metal building system includes the free-stall barn, holding area, vet treatment area and commodity storage building. As a multifunctional steel structure building, it could be used as steel poultry shed, cattle shed, sheepfold and etc.
    1. Prefabricated HouseAmong the prefabricated houses our company provides to you, this prefab house is a highly reliable pre-engineered steel building for living, enduring user-friendly design, great mechanical endurance, easy installation and long service life.
    1. Shipping Container HouseThis shipping container house is a reliable metal house we provide to customers. As its name suggests, this container house takes the shape of a standard shipping container and enjoys a scientific structure.
    1. Multi-storey Container HouseIn order to satisfy customers' needs for taller metal house, we developed this multi-storey container house. This pre-engineered house could provide large space for users.
    1. Light Steel Frame Building, Single StoreyAs a subtype of light steel frame home, this single storey light steel frame building is an ideal product for customers who need a medium-sized steel building.
    1. Light Steel Frame Building, Multi StoreyApart form the single-storey light steel frame home, we also provide to customers this multi-storey light steel frame building to satisfy customers' needs for taller steel frame houses.