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    1. EPS Structural Insulated PanelGiven this fact, this EPS structural insulated panel enjoys excellent mechanical strength, impact and fire resistance, thermal insulation and soundproofness.
    1. Rockwool Sandwich PanelThe rockwool sandwich panel DONGYE provides to you is quality building board mainly made of quality greystone. The hot molten greystone could be made into inorfil by the high-speed centrifugal equipment.
    1. Glass Wool Sandwich PanelThe structural insulated panel of this type we provide to you, enjoying several features of composite boards, is quite light-weighted, elastic, sound-proof and fire and heat-resistant.
    1. PU Structural Insulated PanelCompared with the traditional cladding materials, this composite panel is more reliable in terms of fire resistance and thermal insulation. As it is highly resistant to both moisture and fire, this structural insulated panel is also used in the banding of other composite panels.

Among composite building materials, the structural insulated panel has increasingly favored by customers from various areas. As its name suggests, this building board is a type of flat panel that consists of two thin metal sheets bonded to a non-metal core. It is highly credited for its light weight, great corrosion resistance, strength and pleasant appearance.

Due to these advantages, our structural insulated panels are frequently used for external cladding or facades of buildings, insulation, and signage. They are often used as insulated wall panels and insulated roof panels for our steel structure buildings. If you need steel buildings with great thermal and sound insulation performance, then our structural insulated panels are the best building boards.

There are rich types of this insulated metal panel, available for customers, which, made of different metal sheets and core materials, could satisfy their needs in different applications. Meanwhile, as this range of structural insulated panels could perfectly reduce the consumption of other non-recyclable materials or harmful materials, it could save energy and help protect environment. Given this fact, these insulation panels we provide to you has been widely used in construction, ship building, auto manufacture, furniture production, and electrical industry and so on. They could perfectly serve your projects, businesses and productions.