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Rockwool Sandwich Panel

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The rockwool sandwich panel DONGYE provides to you is quality building board mainly made of quality greystone. The hot molten greystone could be made into inorfil by the high-speed centrifugal equipment. This inorfil will be then added with quality adhesives of precise amount and then be baked to a large board which would be cut according the industrial standards.

Thanks to its excellent fire resistance and long service life, this rockwool sandwich panel has been widely used as insulated wall panels or insulated roof panels in the industrial production, construction and projects where thermal insulation or sound-proof composite boards are needed. It is often found in the steel structural buildings we custom designed for our clients.

As a reliable manufacturer of rockwool insulation panel, we sincerely recommend this cost-effective and quality structural insulated panel to you. It could surely serve your business well.

Specifications of Rockwool Sandwich Panel
Width 950mm/1150mm
Thickness of surface steel sheet 0.30mm-0.60mm
Thickness of Panel 50mm-250mm
Length of Panel Customized
Transmission Coefficient 0.3-0.4W/m.K.
Density of Insulation 80-120kg/m3
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