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Container House

DONGYE has been a dedicated designer, manufacturer, and installation service provider for steel structure buildings since its inception in 1999. The container house, one popular category of our steel buildings, is fabricated from standard shipping containers. We are very happy to design and customize shipping container homes for our valued clients, so as to satisfy their specific needs in various applications. Whatever you're looking for in container housing, we will have the right container house for you.

Installation of Container House
  • Steel Frame Installation
  • Steel Roof Installation
  • Fixation
  • Wall Panel Connection
  • Wall Panel Installation
  • Measurement
  • Interior Wall Panel Installation
  • Interior Fixation
  • Tube Light Installation
  • Inspection
  • Window Installation
  • Assembled Container House

General Description
This container house DONGYE provides to you is a reliable and economical mobile metal building, also called shipping container home. As its name suggests, this container house is adapted from the standard shipping container that enjoys highly mechanical endurance. This proper dimension allows it to be easily hoist, making the assembly and fixation much easier.

Now, there are three subtypes of this shipping container house provided to customers, namely, the dismountable type, wielded type and one adapted from shipping container. Since its first appearance in the market, it has been highly credited for its simple convenient installation, convenient transference, repeated usage and long service life. Given this fact, it has been used in the large-scale construction sites, commercial, industrial, civilian and even military areas.

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