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Prefabricated Steel Buildings

As a long-established manufacturer of steel buildings, our company has over 10-years’experience in the design, manufacture and installation of various kinds of steel structure buildings including the prefabricated steel building. Also, we have good sense in the market’s changing needs. Therefore, supported by our profession and dedicated staff, we could surly provide you ideal customized prefabricated house that meets your specific needs in multiple ways. Contact us now if you need custom design or installation service regarding to prefabricated steel buildings.

Installation of Prefabricated Steel Building
1. Channeling;
2. Construction of foundation(brick or cement);
3. Installation of steel frameworks;
4. Installation of prefabricated floor slabs(only for multiple-story prefabricated buildings);
5. Installation of color steel plates;
6. Construction of first layer of the floor;
7. Installation of windows and doors.
8. Interior Decoration.

General Description
The prefabricated steel building, also called prefab house, is a modern house made of quality light-steel framework and laminboards (for the claddings) and often used as temporary building. As it is pre-engineered and manufactured off-site in advance, usually in standard sections that can be easily shipped and assembled, this prefabricated steel building is assembled strictly according to the standard module and each part is connected by bolts. Just as other prefab buildings, this modular building, modernist, economical and environment-friendly, enjoys many outstanding advantages.

Design Features of Prefabricated Steel Building
Of a modular design, this prefabricated housing is quite easy to install and requires much less labor cost and time, saving your money and efforts. Meanwhile, this design also facilitates the design, integrated production and accessories matching of the building, helping reduce the entire production cost. That is why this prefabricated steel building is more economical compared with other counterparts. Quality is always the most important factor for every product. As it is made of quality and environment-friendly materials, this prefab modular house totally meets the industrial standards for temporary building and is an affordable and reliable steel structure building for customers.

Thanks to its flexible and scientific design, refined workmanship as well as easy installation and maintenance, this prefab house was adopted in the disaster relives of several countries or used as temporary buildings in the construction sites. As such cases will tell you, our prefabricated steel building could be a nice choice for your business. If you are interested in this pre-engineered house, please contact us. We promise to provide best products and considerate services to you.

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